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18 of the strangest TV cameo appearances in the last 20 years

They’re all either amazing or extremely comfortable to watch. No inbetween.

1. RuPaul on Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Source: Stone Cold Sweetie/YouTube

2. Michelle Obama on iCarly

3. Larry David on Hannah Montana

Source: Nisar Hawrame/YouTube

4. Justin Bieber on CSI

Source: MLG890/YouTube

5. Ginuwine on Parks and Rec singing Pony for Li’l Sebastian

Source: Anonymous Review/YouTube

R.I.P. Li’l Sebastian

6. Pablo Schreiber (Pornstache from OITNB) on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Source: A.J Swanston/YouTube

7. Britney Spears on Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Source: Emma Turnbull/YouTube

This was extremely relevant to my interests in 1999.

8. Death Cab For Cutie on The OC

Source: Gamalito19/YouTube

9. Cher on Will & Grace

Source: Pej Assemi/YouTube

10. Victoria Beckham on Ugly Betty

Source: StyleStorm/YouTube

11. Aziz Ansari on Scrubs

Source: BoratSagdiyev69/YouTube

12. Tegan and Sara on The L Word

Source: tegsar88/YouTube

This really had so much potential to be an iconic moment for many lesbians, but it was just really bizarre in the end. Like most of that show actually.

13. Paris Hilton in Supernatural

Source: ninamilman/YouTube

14. Victoria Justice on iCarly as Shelby Marx

Source: Loving Victoria Justice/YouTube

This one makes zero sense because a number of years later, Miranda Cosgrove made an appearance on the show Victorious playing Carly from iCarly.

How did Carly from iCarly meet Victoria Justice in this role and not say “Hey you look exactly like Shelby Marx?” I’m sorry this one’s just been on my mind a lot over the years.

15. Molly Ringwald poking fun at her own career in Not Another Teen Movie

Source: Flauntvids/YouTube

16. The Backstreet Boys on Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Source: Karina Rodríguez/YouTube

How the hell did Sabrina secure all of these huge guest appearances?

17. Michael Jackson on The Simpsons

Source: Simpsons Clips/YouTube

This episode was incredibly confusing to me as a child. Was it really Michael Jackson? Was it just Homer’s imagination? Did they just get someone to do an impression of his voice?

He wasn’t credited at the end of the episode, but it was in fact him. Because of his contract he wasn’t even allowed to sing any of his songs on the show.

18. Lily Allen on Neighbours

Source: bessyandthecaptain/YouTube

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