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9 brilliantly bizarre WikiHow articles that will fix all your life problems

Need some advice? We got you.

WE ALL NEED a helping hand in life sometimes.

Advice can come from the wise words of our family, the comforting shoulder of a good friend, or the faceless expanse of the murky internet. It’s like googling your symptoms when you’re sick. You don’t want to, but you also kinda have to.

Welcome to the weird world of WikiHow.

1. How to ruin a wedding

Ever felt like being a terrible guest at a wedding? Here’s how. Methods include “wearing a white dress” and “crying loudly about being single”.

Source: WikiHow

2. How to stop a wedding

Forget everything you learnt in our first lesson. The REAL way to ruin a wedding is to stop the whole thing and leave someone jilted. Here’s the skinny – including the gem in the warning section: “Your ‘beloved’ may hate you.”

Source: WikiHow

3. How to live it up before you turn 12

Worried about your childhood getting away from you once you hit the big 1-2? We all are. Er, sorta. Anyway, here’s how to enjoy your last few moments as a bona fide child.

wiki3 Other advice includes building a fort and using your imagination. Awww Source: WikiHow

4. How to look goth while travelling for a long time on a plane

Need to know information. An extract: “ If you have to travel overseas, it’s not easy to sit on a plane ten hours in a corset.”

wiki4 This summer's biggest blockbuster, Goths On A Plane Source: WikiHow

5. How to inconspicuously stare at someone

If you’re looking up this WikiHow, you might need the next one…

wiki5 Smooth Source: WikiHow

6. How to not be creepy


wiki6 Source: w

7. How to steal a boyfriend

Ever felt like doing a little home-wrecking of a Friday night? Who hasn’t? Here’s what you need to know.

Pick up badminton to bag that ill-gotten man, girlfriend Source: WikiHow

8. How to be mysterious

We would tell you about this one, but actually we’re going to say nothing. (Mysterious, see?)

wiki8 Well, this is just bad advice Source: WikiHow

9. How to be cutely insane

What? Well, if this is something you’d been interested in, here’s the scoop.

wiki9 Dear God, no Source: WikiHow

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