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This guy sent a cropped image to creep out his brother and the internet followed

Try this at home.

KEVIN HARVEY IS a bit of a joker. He sent this image to his brother in an attempt to freak him out, and it became quite a saga when he posted the results to Reddit.

brxxguR Source: Imgur

Under pressure from Redditors, he then sent it to his mam

JsfYAuX Source: Imgur

People requested the images, and began some pranks of their own.

Lowcontextcultre’s OH wasn’t disappointed

wQO0pf3 Source: Imgur

Z6dao2m Source: Imgur

Bowtiesarecool’s brother jumped to the worst possible conclusion

VgBgaRZ Source: Imgur

Whicketywack got to work on basically everyone he has ever known

Q8hM0RN Source: Imgur

3g3iYEw Source: Imgur

9tmdzim Source: Imgur

Lovinglogs got his brother

Jz6gStU Source: Imgur

But tylerwins’ brother had the strangest guess of all

WGPVtdO Source: Imgur

What kinda ears does this guy have?

A spectacular use of time, we’re sure you’ll agree.

ht Buzzfeed

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