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What Rose Are You?

Are you a Caramel Barrel or a *shudder* Coffee Escape? Find out now.

cadburyroses Source: Instagram/girlbehindthelook

1. It's Saturday morning. What are you doing?
Sleeping. What else
Getting a bit of fresh air in on a brisk walk

Going into town for a browse around the shops
Watching some form of comforting cookery programme in your PJs

Spinning, or doing some other gym class that took your fancy
Heading out for brunch
2. If you couldn't find Roses, which tin of sweets would you pick instead?

Quality Street
3. What do you usually wear on Christmas Day?
A new outfit that you bought specifically for the occasion
Something Mass-appropriate

A Christmas jumper

Dunno, my normal clothes?
4. St Stephen's Night. Are you going out?
Eh yeah! It's tradition
Not a chance
5. And finally: Sweet or savoury?
Answer all the questions to see your result!
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Strawberry Dream
You will probably survive the apocalypse, along with the cockroaches. You say edgy things to get a rise out of people and take pride in being a controversial figure. Slow down there, hard man.
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Golden Barrel
You're so nice and so sweet that some people might try to say you're boring, but you don't give the haterz a second thought. Werk.
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You speak plainly, eat plainly, and dress plainly. You have limited time for any new-fangled concepts like 'veganism' and 'self care', and no desire to get down with the kids. OK, Granda?
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Almond Caramel Bite
People think they know you, but they have no idea. Really, you come off a bit dull at first, but get a few pints into you...
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Brazilian Darkness
Oh get your 99.9% cacao and your avocado and your coconut water and get out of here. Big notiony head on you.
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Tangy Orange Creme
Who cares if you're the last person people remember to invite to the pub? You're just happy to be included.
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Hazel Whirl
"Hazel Whirl is coming later." "Who?" "That guy from Accounts." "Nope." "You were talking to him yesterday!" "I do not recall." That's the impression you make on people, there.
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Country Fudge
You're a sensible soul not prone to wild flights of fancy. Try something new? Sure what would you be doing that for? This is grand, so it is.
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Signature Truffle
Look, we're gonna give it to you straight: People probably describe you as 'harmless'. It's not a bad thing! It's just not...exciting.
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Coffee Escape
Well, nobody invited you but you showed up anyway. Now everyone just tries to avoid listening to your opinions about beans and grinders. FFS.
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Hazel in Caramel
You're pretty glamorous and sophisticated. You probably bought a luxury advent calendar of some description. Caramel AND a nut? Don't mind if I do.
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