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This infographic claims to show what happens to your body after a Big Mac

However McDonald’s says it does not represent the Big Macs in the UK and Ireland.

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WE ALL ENJOY the odd McDonald’s every now and then – we know it’s bad for us, but what does it actually do to our bodies?

Fast Food Menu Price, a website devoted to all the biggest chain restaurants, has produced this infographic that claims to show what a Big Mac does to your body within one hour of eating.

Big-mac FastFoodMenuPrice FastFoodMenuPrice

Click here to zoom in on the infographic.

The infographic says that after 30 minutes, when the high amount of salt hits your body, making you think you’re still hungry:

It’s easy for dehydration to trick you into thinking you need to go back for a new round. Too much intake of sodium makes it hard for your kidneys to eliminate salt. This aggravates the situation: the sodium overdose makes your heart work faster in order to pump blood through your veins.

And after 40 minutes, when your blood sugar is all over the place, yet you’re STILL feeling hungry:

The first time you consume a high calorie meal, your insulin response can bring down your glucose levels, making you want to eat more. The high fructose corn syrup in the Big Mac bun is quickly absorbed by the GI tract, causing insulin spikes and even bigger hunger pangs.

So is this the explanation for the “I ate so much, but I’m still hungry!” feelings we often get after having fast food? McDonald’s says no.

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A UK spokesperson for the chain told the Daily Mail that they “didn’t recognise” the ingredients and nutritional information listed in the graph:

We have removed all artificial trans-fat from our menu, the iconic Big Mac contains no artificial colours or flavours, and the bun [in the UK] does not contain high fructose corn syrup.

(It does, however, contain 2.3g of salt, or 38% of your daily intake – so it’s bad, but McDonald’s says it’s not as bad as the infographic suggests.)

As always, eat your Big Macs in moderation.

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