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What if Instagram was a real camera? It is now...

Would you like the Instagram app to become a real digital camera? One company has made a prototype which brings digital and film together. Now it is trying to raise money to build more.

Image: ADR Studio via ADR Studio

EVER WISHED YOUR Instagram app was a real digital camera that could print photos on the spot?

Well your wish has been granted, because ADR Studio has come up with a camera that enables you to take photos using Instagram filters – and then print them right away.

Instagram - which was recently bought by Facebook for $1 billion – is a hugely popular app that is available on iPhones and Android smartphones.

According to ADR, the aim of its Instagram Socialmatic Project was simple: to pick the Instagram App icon and try to make a real camera.

This is the first Instagram photo camera, and it has:

  • 16gb mass storage
  • WiFi and Bluetooth
  • A4:3 touchscreen
  • Two main lenses – one for the main capture and one for filters, web apps and QR code capturing
  • An optical zoom
  • An LED flash
  • An internal printer with paper cartridge with Instagram paper sheets

So you can take a shot with the camera, change the filter to whichever one you choose, and then print it. There is even a space at the bottom – like on a Polaroid photo – where you can write a note or comment.

There is one catch: the camera is not for sale – at least not yet. The prototype has been built but ADR Studio are crowdfunding the camera and have a Socialmatic link on their site through which people can donate.

What do you think of the Instagram camera?

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