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Move over 'spice bag' -- the 'munchy box' is the new revelation in takeaway food

OVER THE PAST week, you may have seen an image of a ‘mega spice box’ or a ‘munchy box’ doing the rounds on social media.

Be warned: it will make you feel very hungry.

So, what is it exactly?

The ‘munchy box’ is a Scottish delicacy that basically involves flinging an assortment of fast good into a box. Think chicken wings, chips, kebab meat, garlic bread and onion rings all served up together in a pizza box.

Like so.

When you buy two cans to pretend this isn't all just for you #dietwhatdiet #cheektobuydietjuice #munchybox #heartburninabox #passtheomeprozole garthlandgrannies garthlandgrannies

Recently, however, Chinese takeaways across Scotland have started putting their own spin on the humble munchy box.

So what’s in it?

Well, the munchy box for sale in this Glasgow takeaway contains 10 onion rings, 8 chicken balls, 6 ribs, 8 vegetable spring rolls, 8 large pieces of shredded chicken, fried rice, chips, sauce and a can for a measly £12.

12107964_1028805097138742_414930827549221892_n Golden City / Facebook Golden City / Facebook / Facebook

munchy Just Eat Just Eat

The whole thing is such a big deal that it’s actually making headlines in Scotland.

12112495_1042380155786733_7694199173243796673_n ChinaTown Dundee / Facebook ChinaTown Dundee / Facebook / Facebook

Such a big deal that takeaways can’t keep up with demand.

chineatown Chinatown / Facebook Chinatown / Facebook / Facebook

And do you want to hear the good news? Munchy boxes seem to be available in Chinese takeaways across Dublin, too.

This is what’s available in Scent@Home in Churchtown.

muncy Just Eat Just Eat

munchy Just Eat Just Eat

Meanwhile, New Land on Dublin’s South Circular Road does a ‘mega spice box’ that’s basically the same thing.

Over estimated the size of this yoke niamhy_xxx niamhy_xxx

megaspice Just Eat Just Eat

Ditto Pen Tower in Rialto.

Look at this carry on git_rankin git_rankin

And Eddie’s Dynasty in Ballymun.

Heaven kellytreacy kellytreacy

You know what you’re eating tonight.

Do you know of any other establishments across Ireland selling munchy boxes? Let us know in the comments.

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