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What Percent Mess Are You?

Are you the organised friend, or the barely functional friend? Find out here.

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1. Do you have a specific laundry day, or do you just do it when it becomes extremely necessary?
Laundry day
Extremely necessary
2. You head to the pub with some pals on Thursday night. How are you feeling at work on Friday?
You thought you were OK, but last night hit you like a slap in the face at 1pm and now you NEED your bed.
A bit 'tired', but you'll survive.

Fine. You had a couple of drinks and got home just after midnight.
You're gripped by a truly terrible hangover, the paranoid kind. Can everyone else see it too?
3. How many receipts are in your wallet right now?
A few, mostly for things you've been meaning to return.

Oh lord. Who knows
One or two. No harm
4. Do you get your five a day?
I get my five...a week? Better than nothing.

LOL, no.
I buy them with great intentions but leave them to fester and die in my fridge. Oops.
5. You have to ring up your electricity provider to sort out a problem. When do you do it?
The next day

See if you can email instead. If you can't, you leave it until you can summon up the willpower to call - so maybe in a week?
Three weeks after it became an issue
6. Quick! Your mam is dropping around for a surprise visit. What do you need to do?
Sob, because there is far too much to be cleared away before she arrives and you are so ashamed
Check that you have enough milk and teabags.

Light a candle to rid the place of that Grim Rental House Pong.
Give the floor a sweep and wipe down the counters in the kitchen.
7. You're home from work later than usual, and you need dinner NOW. What do you eat?
Is the chipper still open? Then chipper.
A bowl of cereal. Fast and easy.

It's grand, you made a big batch of chilli in the slow cooker earlier in the week.
You make a quick pasta dish out of stuff you had in the fridge.
8. Does your phone look like this right now?
9. You've a whole free, hangover-less Sunday ahead of you. What do you do?
Piss about on the internet all day.
Go for a good walk somewhere, then brunch.

Lounge in front of the TV, taking regular tea-breaks.
Shop, even though payday is but a blip on the horizon.
10. And finally, about how often do you leave your keys/wallet/phone at home?
Once in a blue moon

Oh I'd never do that
Answer all the questions to see your result!
You scored out of !
You are 0% mess
Woah. You're super organised and all your friends are definitely in awe of you. How'd you do it?
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You scored out of !
You are 21% mess
There is a teeny tiny part of you that is a mess, but otherwise you've really taken to being an adult. Congratz.
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You scored out of !
You are 40% mess
The functional mask might be up at work, but as soon as you're at home, it's eating crisps in bed for the night. We see you.
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You scored out of !
You are 55% mess
You maintain a good mess/functional balance. Well done.
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You scored out of !
You are 71% mess
Oh here we go. Are you ever gonna get that leaking tap in the bathroom fixed? Are you? C'mon now.
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You scored out of !
You are 92% mess
Catch a hold of yourself. You're an adult, for god's sake.
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You scored out of !
You are 100% mess
Oh there's no saving you now. We're amazed you even got this far. Please ingest a steaming mug of cop on.
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