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9 things you'll understand if you believe white chocolate is the best chocolate

Still mourning that Cadbury Dream.

WHITE CHOCOLATE may not be chocolate in the strictest sense of the word, but we’re still into it. Way into it. Too into it, perhaps.

1. First of all, if you love white chocolate you have the sweetest of sweet tooths

🍨 Milkshake Monday #whitechocolateshake with @misskeep 👌

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And white chocolate is the sweetest. So it all makes sense.

2. When you hear people wax lyrical about 100000% dark chocolate you’re like, HOW

Why would you subject yourself to something that bitter? What’s the draw?

3. These were like crack to you as a child

teacnch1000033696_-00_nestle-milkybar-buttons-1-05oz-30g Source: Englishteastore


4. The day Cadbury discontinued the Dream bar is the day you lost hope for the world

The rudeness of it!

Finally got my #cadburydream #chocolate

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It’s still available in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Just not here. Of course.

5. And you still think about the Dream Easter eggs

Breakfast! It is Easter after all! #Cadbury #Cadburydream

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Look at that! Stop, we’ll cry.

6. Whenever they bring out special white chocolate versions of your favourite bars, you jump for joy

For the late night drive home .... #WhiteChocolateKitKat and some #Ballads in the radio 🤗

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Shh. Pretend they’re not limited edition. Pretend chocolate manufacturers care about white chocolate lovers’ needs.

7. There is only one true Magnum to you

State of the rest of them.

8. You’ll order just about anything if it has white chocolate on it

“Strips of decades-old basketball covered in soil…with a white chocolate dip? I’ll take two.”

9. And the powdery, cheap taste of White Mice penny sweets? Bliss

1652ef307d26b3e4306862b50bbf5750 Source: Pinterest

You don’t discriminate! You love all white chocolate equally.

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