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Are you pouring yourself way too much wine?

New research has found that white wine drinkers are more generous with the pouring.

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IF YOU’RE HAVING a glass of wine with your dinner tonight, you might be surprised at what might affect how much you drink.

A new study has shown that the type of glass and the colour of the liquid has an impact on how much you’re drinking.

Even the way your table is set can have an effect on how much you drink.

According to findings published in the Journal of Substance Use and Misuse “it’s easy to overdo it”.

Researchers at Iowa State University asked participants to pour a ‘normal’ drink using different types of glasses in various settings.

Those who poured white wine into a clear glass poured nine per cent more than pouring red into the same glass.

Meanwhile twelve per cent more wine (of either colour) went into wider glasses, with researcher Laura Smarandescu explaining:

They tend to focus more on the vertical than the horizontal measures. That’s why people tend to drink less when they drink from a narrow glass, because they think they’re drinking more.

Doug Walker, an assistant professor of marketing at Iowa State and lead author of the study, said when people pour their own measures it can be easy for them to lose track of how much they’re drinking:

One person’s two is totally different than another person’s two.
Participants in the study were asked to pour the same amount at each setting, but they just couldn’t tell the difference.

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