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Here's how to find your iPhone if it falls from a plane
Dublin Lord Mayor's car clamped... outside city council offices
Helicopter police caught chatting about oral sex over megaphone
Rule #1 of Live TV: Don't hit anyone with an axe
Heinz had to apologise after a code on its ketchup bottle led a man to a porn site
Waterford Whispers just fooled one of Germany's biggest news magazines
Waterford Whispers just fooled one of Germany’s biggest news magazines
Someone fell over on Vincent Browne last night and oh, how everyone laughed
This video of a dog completely failing at jumping is 15 seconds of pure joy
A Buckingham Palace guard fell in front of tourists, but remained cool as a cucumber
The moment a kid realises he has shot his computer monitor will fill you with nerves
Jessica Simpson being interviewed while absolutely locked is the best thing you'll see today
Eastender's actress fluffs lines on live TV, but recovers with a great tweet
Doughnut restaurant apologises for "KKK Wednesday" ad campaign
School accidentally hands out Fifty Shades of Grey word search to children
Bungling thief tries to steal some booze, fails hilariously
Drink-driver crashes his car... into a police station
Bungling thief caught on camera trying to blow up ATM... and knocking himself over
TripAdvisor fined €500,000 for 'fake reviews'
TD uses image of Australian family to highlight homelessness in Ireland
This clothing brand burned a customer on Twitter, and their response is going viral
Pizza Hut apologises for calling customer 'Pink Fat Lady' on receipt
Local council red-faced after removing 'racist' Banksy graffiti
He forgot to mention it in his speech ... but Ed Miliband insists the UK deficit is an "incredibly high" priority
ANOTHER four putt for Rory McIlroy
Cyclist tries to sneak under barrier, gets head embarrassingly stuck in it
Ian Poulter has hit the worst shot of this year's PGA Championship
Cathal Pendred's best mate fulfils promise and gets tattoo with (wrong) date of UFC debut
It wasn't me! Someone in the Germany camp broke the World Cup trophy
A US couple accidentally flew to Grenada instead of Granada...
Roger Federer had no idea he won his semi-final today
Vodafone customers told in error that money was debited from their accounts
'Plane crash' that caused emergency alert turns out to be... a flowerbed
Fine Gael's 'no expenses' candidate uses Seanad envelopes to send out leaflets
Dad drops toddler in background of local TV interview
Unlucky man learns why you should NEVER ignore an orange cone
Driver stopped for texting told gardaí he was checking his bank balance
VINE: Rory McIlroy nearly took out Adam Scott with a wayward tee-shot
The internet can't get over this pub's rude 'open for business' sign
News station apologises after accidentally showing someone's penis