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9 reasons why being an Irish woman is great

Give yourselves a big bualadh bos.

JUST IN CASE you need a reminder (and we all do, sometimes).

Don’t worry lads, you’ll get your turn soon. 

1. You won’t find better craic in any other country

divilment Source: Instagram

Don’t pretend we can’t get up to divilment with the best of them. We are FULL of divilment.

2. And we don’t take any crap

Source: Channel 4/YouTube

Remember this Cork girl on First Dates? Just one example of there being absolutely no flies on us.

3. We have the best sense of humour

aislingamy Source: Instagram/weemissbea/amy_huberman

Aisling Bea, Maeve Higgins, and Amy Huberman are all being gas tickets on the daily – not to mention the raft of women knocking out the jokes all day, every day on Twitter, too.

4. We’re unreal at sport

Rugby Union - Women's 6 Nations - Ireland Women's Team Arrival - Dublin Airport Source: Niall Carson/PA Wire

Hi, sorry, just a little thing called the Women’s Six Nations? We sort of dominated that. And do we need to mention Katie Taylor winning her fifth straight World Boxing Championships title last year? Come on now.

5. And we have business handled, too

. Designers Sonya Lennon and Source: Leon Farrell/RollingNews.ie

To name but a few – Marissa Carter, head of the fake tan empire Cocoa Brown, Sonya Lennon, co-founder of the Irish fashion label Lennon Courtney, the McGinn sisters from style start-up Opsh, and Shawna Scott, who runs the award-winning Sex Siopa. All over it.

6. We’re some of the most beautiful women in the world*

Thanks @ceiralambert & @goldfeverhair for giving me these shiny locks Source: Instagram/rozannapurcell

*According to a survey by a dating site called BeautifulPeople.com, but we’ll take all that we can get. And we think it’s true, anyway.

7. We’re not shy about getting our voices heard

Dear Enda, This is what democracy looks like. 15,000 people on the streets of #Dublin. #repealthe8th #ARCmarch15 #marchforchoice Source: Instagram/freesafelegal

Thousands of people turned out for last Saturday’s pro-choice march in Dublin, showing that Irish women can shout very loudly when they have to.

8. Irish female writers are having a major moment

The-Long-Gaze-Back Source: Newisland

The voices of Irish female writers are resonating even louder these days, too –  The Long Gaze Back, a newly-released anthology edited by journalist Sinéad Gleeson, showcases the sheer breadth of talent we have to offer.

9. And we are good to each other

#wine #daydrinking #ladiesday #gals #friends #allthewine #winetimes #girlytime #drinks #dublin #dunlaoghaire #irish #irishgals #Ireland Source: Instagram/ormakapay

Some might like to believe that girls are all in deadly competition with each other, but we know that’s rubbish. We’re all in this together.

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