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Here's the real reason why koalas hug trees

Turns out they’re not just doing it to be cute.

IF YOU THOUGHT the only reason koala bears hugged trees was to look devastatingly cute, you were wrong.

A study published in the Royal Society Journal Biology Letters has revealed the true reason. Are you ready to find out?

Koalas hug trees to keep cool.

403319_142372949212972_100003208032044_175841_151378192_n Source: Wordpress

WE KNOW. How did we not realise this before now?

Researchers used thermal cameras to reveal that in hotter weather, the koalas were more likely to hang around the lower parts of the tree, which are cooler.

koalabear Source: Royal Society Journal Biology Letters

The hotter the weather gets, the tighter they hug the tree trunks.

According to Buzzfeed, koalas face high mortality rates in extreme heat, so finding ways to keep cool is important to the animals. This study is part of a bigger investigation into how climate change is affecting animals in Australia.

Anything that keeps these cute little critters around is just fine with us.

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A wild koala appeared ... Koala used Cuddle - Imgur Source: Imgur

This is an actual news headline that was published today>

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