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Woman gets wisdom teeth out, cries because she's not Nicki Minaj

Haven’t we all, at one stage or another, cried because we were not Nicki Minaj? Haven’t we?

POST-WISDOM TOOTH removal videos. Will we ever get tired of them? Not likely.

In the latest one to go viral, a woman wakes up from her surgery only to discover she has not been transformed into Nicki Minaj. And she’s DEVASTATED.

I just wanted to have her butt. *wipes tongue* And her face. I just wanted to be Nicki Minaj when I woke up.

She goes on to share her desire to be friends with Ellen DeGeneres and her thoughts on Jay Z’s lips, and repeatedly admonishes her husband for…well, being there.

Oh, wisdom tooth videos. Never change.

Source: Jayci Stephen/YouTube

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