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6 things we would never know without the internet
Are we trolling you right now?

1. Amazing animal friendships

Cat and Monkey - Imgur Imgur Imgur

2. What happens when you do this


3. That there are three different types of troll

This one

032 BlogSpot BlogSpot

This one 

Troll close up Valerie Everett Valerie Everett

And this one, in GIF form 

Trolling : An animated guide - Imgur Imgur Imgur


4. The true meaning of procrastination

Pre-internet procrastination was limited to things like book reading, TV watching and general dilly-dallying.

The internet has turned it into an art form. You’re probably procrastinating right now.


5. How filthy our minds are

Can't even go to an innocent sand sculpting contest without the internet skewing my perception. CANNOT UNSEE.... - Imgur Imgur Imgur

The internet has ruined me. - Imgur Imgur Imgur

6. The lengths we will go to for WiFi

When the guy living upstairs has unprotected wifi... - Imgur Imgur Imgur

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