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18 ways people were incredible w*nkers in 2015
Ah, here.

1. Giving this headline the go ahead

Pure w*nkery.

2. Spinning thread in a BMW service waiting room

LcpRBZC Imgur Imgur

3. Coming up with this concept



4. And this activity

5. Using this as a graffiti ‘tag’


6. Creating a ‘mancan’ for wine

mancan Twitter Twitter

7. Conceiving this product

santaset Twiitter Twiitter

8. Marrying themselves

9. Driving around like this

Hipster as fuck. Imgur Imgur

10. Displaying these signs in a coffee shop

11. Taking up two seats on a bus so you can use your vintage typewriter

wanker imgur imgur

12. Or carrying this around with you

mostrosity Twitter Twitter

13. Naming this chipper in London

hashtag Twitter Twitter

14. Accessorising with this

15. Or this

Hipsters these days... Just your typical day in a Seattle airport Imgur Imgur

16. Dressing this pooch in a matching outfit

twitterdog Twitter Twitter

17. *shocked silence*

BBPEjhF Imgur Imgur

18. And finally, allowing this to happen.

twitterguy Twitter Twitter

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