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18 ways people were incredible w*nkers in 2015

Ah, here.

1. Giving this headline the go ahead

Pure w*nkery.

2. Spinning thread in a BMW service waiting room

LcpRBZC Source: Imgur

3. Coming up with this concept



4. And this activity

5. Using this as a graffiti ‘tag’


6. Creating a ‘mancan’ for wine

mancan Source: Twitter

7. Conceiving this product

santaset Source: Twiitter

8. Marrying themselves

9. Driving around like this

Hipster as fuck. Source: Imgur

10. Displaying these signs in a coffee shop

11. Taking up two seats on a bus so you can use your vintage typewriter

wanker Source: imgur

12. Or carrying this around with you

mostrosity Source: Twitter

13. Naming this chipper in London

hashtag Source: Twitter

14. Accessorising with this

15. Or this

Hipsters these days... Just your typical day in a Seattle airport Source: Imgur

16. Dressing this pooch in a matching outfit

twitterdog Source: Twitter

17. *shocked silence*

BBPEjhF Source: Imgur

18. And finally, allowing this to happen.

twitterguy Source: Twitter

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