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This woman's boyfriend played the most cruel engagement prank on her


YESTERDAY, REDDIT USER Shrinking-Noxexchanged presents with her boyfriend of 10 years.

This is what he gave her.

reddit Source: Imgur

Hmm, that looks like a very important box.

user2 Source: Imgur

Oh my God, it’s happening, oh my God.

user3 Source: Imgur

And then…

jk Source: Imgur


She wrote, “My BF (of nearly 10 years) and I exchanged gifts today and this was the ‘gift’ he gave me. F**ker.”

Fortunately, she quickly got over it and said they had “a good laugh” about the prank.

I love him to death and we had a good laugh. We will be getting married in the near future; he just wanted to psych me out because he’s an asshole.

But that didn’t stop some commenters from railing against her poor boyfriend in the Reddit thread…

pranl Source: Reddit

Maybe steer clear of this prank at Christmas, folks.

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