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7 things people need to understand about women taking 'too long' to get ready

Getting ready is an art form.

WOMEN AND THE time they take to get ready has long been a source of great annoyance to people.

Why do we take so long? What are we DOING up there? Let us enlighten you.

1. Looking good can actually require some time and effort

giphy Giphy Giphy

This is something many fail to grasp. Contrary to what Beyoncé would have you believe, we really don’t wake up like this.

There is some graft involved in being hairless, tanned and straightened. YOU CAN’T RUSH ART.

2. And we’re not actually spending every minute poring over our faces


You’re forgetting the required ten minutes spent lounging in a towel, staring at our phones.

3. The outfit we wanted to wear will inevitably be terrible when we put it on

You don’t have the right bra for that top, after all! All of your tights are ball-y and/or fally-downy! These are issues girls have to think about and address with great care.

4. Sometimes we try and fail to ‘experiment’ with our look

anigif_enhanced-1605-1408660295-10 Buzzfeed Buzzfeed

Brown lipstick was a mistake. But now we know that. And it was worth the extra two minutes it took to clean it off and choose a better one.

5. Two words: Liquid eyeliner

B78Ws6j Imgur Imgur

A cat eye with a point that could kill a man isn’t made in five minutes.

6. Getting ready can be quite therapeutic


Taking the time to do a face mask, or properly shave our legs so you don’t tear the skin off ourselves… It’s nice, like.

7. And it’s actually fun

Hair/make up/Motown dance party @karliekloss taylorswift taylorswift

Putting on some music, having a wee drink, chatting to our pals about what they’re wearing for the night. It’s a sacred ritual. Don’t mess with it.

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