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Dancing the night away in Dublin and restorative trips out West: Colm Keane's perfect weekend
Night Out, Night Off: Daddy’s Cafe chef and owner Colm Keane takes us through his favourite spots to spend his day (and night) off.
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Fine dining in Dublin 8 and cosy pints in Donegal: Note co-founder shares go-to nightlife spots
Night Out, Night Off: Andy Collins, co-founder of wine bar and bistro, Note shares his favourite spots to spend his day (and night) off.
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Why doing nothing for NYE is actually the best plan ever
The only way to do it.
JK Rowling asked people to help a Dublin student find an important bag - and it worked
Thank you, JK Rowling!
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This teen invited an older woman on a night out after she said she missed going out with friends
A squad for all ages.
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This woman managed to get her arse stuck in a supermarket freezer while on a night out
The human race, everyone!
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This chancer of a taxi driver took a woman who fell asleep on a 56km detour
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Culture Night is back for its 11th year - and it just won't stop growing
Despite funding cuts and stretched budgets, Ireland’s culture-makers are putting their all into the night.
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This man fell asleep after ordering a filthy chipper at 4am, but the delivery man had his back
There for you <3
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10 truly Irish symptoms of The Fear
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11 things only people who get terrible hangovers will understand
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14 differences between singles and couples nights out
All changed, changed utterly.
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15 things that will always happen on a girls' night out
Oh yes, it’s ladies’ night. And the feeling is indeed right.
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10 unsound things we are all guilty of doing on a night out
We can’t be sound all the time…
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The 10 unsung heroes of every night out
Step up! It’s time to get your due.
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7 things people need to understand about women taking 'too long' to get ready
Getting ready is an art form.
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Girl, 18, dies after tragic night out at Dublin nightclub
Ana Hick had been on a night out at The Twisted Pepper in central Dublin.
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18 thoughts every girl has while getting ready for a big night out
“Why is everyone here so EARLY?”
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11 stages of 'a few drinks' before a night out
It has to be done.
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How Good A Shift Are You?
The question you have asked yourself for years.
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Irish guy loses phone in Charlie's, discovers gas video from Welsh girls who found it
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Irish men have revealed why women reject them on a night out
And their answers were certainly telling.
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8 simple ways to have a cheap night out in Ireland
Save those euros.
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Ireland is the third most expensive place in Europe for a night out
Tell us something we don’t know, right?
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Dressed up for Halloween? We want to see your spooky snaps
Say ‘blood’!
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Rodgers defends Sterling over nightclub outcry
The Reds boss has hit out at media reports after the youngster was spotted in a nightclub 24 hours after England’s 1-0 win over Estonia
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Student gets head stuck in bottle bank in bet gone horribly wrong
Her friends promised her £10 and a Big Mac if she stuck her head in. Cruel, cruel friends.
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The Drunk Furniture Twitter account perfectly describes your Saturday night out
Who knew inanimate objects could say so much.
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Culture Night is TONIGHT - here's what to go see
Tonight’s the night. We help you choose where to go.
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Drunk guy tries to eat kebab, eats the Styrofoam box instead
Pray for this guy’s digestive system.
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The PSNI is handing out free flip flops to women walking home in high heels
Guarding and protecting the feet.
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The 13 agonising stages of trying to organise a night out
So you want to organise a night on the town? Good luck.
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In pictures: Thousands hit the streets for Night Run in Dublin
The city centre event provided some superb photos.
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6 ways the horrible weather will ruin your Saturday night out
Life is unfaaaaaair.
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9 guilt-ridden stages of a mid-week night out
BOLD. You’ve work tomorrow.
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Police sweep river in search for missing student Megan Roberts
The 20-year-old has not been seen since the early hours of Thursday morning, after a night out in a local nightclub.
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7 distinctive smells of the Irish night out
Don’t turn your nose up, pal. You’ve almost certainly smelled – and created – every SINGLE one.
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Robbers return mat to Galway nightclub, beat the challenge of a lifetime
All that #ladbanter has finally paid off.
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Let's play... work Christmas party bingo
Is your workplace’s Christmas celebration coming up? Why not play our specially tailored game of Bingo and spice it up.
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The Blagger’s Guide to a Night Out
Want to fluke yourself into an access all areas night out? Read this first.