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8 body woes every woman dreads in warm weather

From humidity hair to underboob sweat. It’s OK. We’re here.

SUMMER FRESH? YOU have to be joking.

We understand not every woman gives a hoot about what the humidity does to their hair – but if you do, you’ll know how frustrating every one of these things can be.

Humidity hair

Is it humid out? Let me just check my HAIR.

Bless this frizzy mess.

2570e89e30dcee66fb9fb3fd17defff5 Source: Pinterest

Chub rub

A painful affliction that affects every woman whose thighs touch together (which is a great deal of women).

tumblr_mur41cQywQ1rr88uso1_500 Source: Tumblr

Inner thigh chafing: the struggle is real.

Fretting over tiny swimsuits

Is there anything out there that provides more coverage than four triangular pieces of fabric?

426px-Bathing_suit_1858 Woman's bathing suit,1858 Source: Wikimedia Commons

Ah yes. Perfect.

Dealing with bra straps

Very few summer-appropriate garments are compatible with the bra.

brastraps Source: Flickr/markb120

Having to hoisting up an errant bra strap every couple of minutes as it slithers its way down our shoulder is not how we envisioned spending our summer.

Getting the feet out

Ah, the foot panic. Usually the first thing to crop up once the sun begins to shine.

Are they really gnarly? Should I do a pedicure? *thinks about buying a PedEgg*

A7axA Source: Imgur

(Sorry about the gif. Really.)

Having to shave consistently

The. Absolute. Effort.

funny-pictures-girl-shaving-whole-body-animated-gif Source: Funnyasduck

It’d nearly make you long for the colder months, when you could grow a nice winter coat and leave it at that.

To tan, or not to tan

The country hasn’t seen a hint of sun for months, but a lot of us refuse to allow our skin to reflect this.

spraytananne Source: Live Happy


Sweat. So much sweat

“Women don’t sweat, they glow.”

giphy Source: Giphy

Oh, how we wish this were true. Industrial-strength deodorant couldn’t even begin to tackle it, and it rears its head in the most unlikely of places. Under-the-boob sweat, anyone? 

boob+sweat Source: The Peach in the Apple


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