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8 things that you'll recognise if you've ever worked weekends

Your day will come my friends, your day will come.

1. You’ve derived sick pleasure out of regularly saying “this is my Friday”

Even if you’ve worked all weekend, there’s a certain feeling of delighted smugness that comes with breaking out this gem to a nine-to-fiver:

crying Source: Shutterstock.com

2. You’ve dreaded Bank Holidays

Instead of missing out on two weekend days, you’re probably working on the Monday and missing out on THREE instead.

There’s also the little problem of shitehawks like this:


3. You’ve felt irrational rage towards friends

Birthday parties, housewarming parties, any kind of parties… they’re always at the weekend, and you always have to work the next day.

Source: Imgur

4. You’ve started socialising exclusively with co-workers

Hey, their weekend is your weekend.

Source: Someecards

5. You’ve spent at least 3 Sundays hiding in the changing room of the shop you worked in

Because sometimes you just HAVE to go out on a Saturday night.

Source: Tumblr

6. You’ve experienced the joy of grocery shopping on a Tuesday morning

Source: BlogSpot

7. You’re familiar with something called ‘Sunday Fear Schadenfreude’

While a lot of your friends are like this on a Sunday


…. you’re more like this:

Source: Tumblr

8. You’ve wanted to do this to people who cheerfully proclaim “HAPPY FRIDAY!”


Source: Meowgifs

If you’re working this weekend, you are definitely not alone. Soon though, it will be your weekend.

DailyEdge.ie will be with you through it all. God bless us, everyone.

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