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The 6 stages of eating the world's hottest burrito

So much snot. So many tears.

THE SALSARITAS CHAIN of restaurants claims to make and sell the world’s hottest burrito.

This guy decided to give it a go.

Let’s take the journey with him…

1. Blissful ignorance

Look at the youthful exuberance in his eyes, the wild abandon on his face. The poor fool.


2. “This isn’t so bad”

He can totally do this, you guys.


3. “This is awful”

He’s made a terrible mistake, and he’s just realising it.


4. “I’ve made a terrible mistake”

There it is.


5. Going to the bathroom to puke/die

Someone ring his mam.


6. Leaking snot/imminent death



hijosh / YouTube

via Reddit

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