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8 of the absolute worst things that can happen when you take a bite of lunch

The potential here will put the fear of God in ya…

ONLY THESE THINGS can make the act of eating, sad.

1. When you bite into something crunchy, when you’re eating something soft

LjbZkQ0 Source: Imgur

2. When you bite into something SOFT, when you’re eating something crunchy

NwRou4T Source: Imgur

3. That feeling of teeth bouncing off gristle when you’re chewing some meat

CH9p30dWcAAri1w Source: suze981

4. When the top of your tongue gets burned on a slice of pizza

Do you wait, or suffer the consequences? We don’t know the answer.

gIrOnXy Source: Imgur

5. Discovering a hair in a saucy dish

OK finding a hair is bad in any circumstance but when it creates a sort of gooey string, NO.

CLA6OraWgAAxCmA Source: chronictonic

6. Stabbing the inside of the mouth with a bit of bone or shell


tumblr_inline_mjvnb8h59f1qz4rgp Source: Wordpress

7. An unexpected lump in mashed potato

Also include finding a hard chip under this one. So unexpected, so cruel.

puCopsn Source: Imgur

8. The inside is cold

Back to the microwave you go… :(

o Source: Yelpc

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