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9 of the worst smells found in every Irish household

And, no, we don’t mean the ones that occasionally come from your beloved partner.

YOU KNOW THE way everyone’s house has its own distinctive smell?

Well, these smells aren’t quite like that. They’re the bad smells that lurk in every home. Lying in wait.

1. Rotten laundry

Left your washing in the machine for too long? Or put it out and it didn’t quite dry properly? Oh, you’re gonna pay for that. Or at least your olfactory senses are. A musty, almost yoghurt-y smell will emanate from your clean clothes. It was never meant to be like this.

The Meta Picture The Meta Picture

2. The drain

If drains could speak, they would gurgle. If drains were people, they would be that person who smells like crisps who sits too close to you on an otherwise completely empty bus.

drain Your sentient drain Imgur Imgur

3. Smoky grill pan

Ooh, lovely. Reactivated ancient molten grease. Everyone’s favourite substance, now in persistent smell form.

4. Burnt toast

Dispiriting for two reasons – the troubling aroma and the fact that you just wasted good bread. Sad trombone.

Funny Junk Funny Junk

5. Melted plastic

Ever leave a lunchbox lid or chopping board on top of a hot hob? Yep. That acrid plastic smell that gets RIGHT up your nose also means you’ll be scraping melted plastic off your cooker for ages.

6. Dusty storage heater

It’s the first few months of winter and you’re flicking on the heaters for the first time in what feels like an age. All that accumulated dust tucked away in the storage heater released itself into a nose-tickling, head-wrecking scent.

Flickr / Mr ATM Flickr / Mr ATM / Mr ATM

7. Scorching a pan

Burning water might sound like an oxymoron, and apparently oxymorons smell.

yummyfoodawesomefriends yummyfoodawesomefriends

8. Mysterious tea towel stink

One staffer has described the mysterious odour of tea towels as “oniony”. Shudder.

Flickr / 75joannas Flickr / 75joannas / 75joannas

9. Nice smells failing to mask a bad smell

Someone, ahem, made a stink somewhere – and not in the euphemistic sense. If they’ve had a shower afterwards, or ineffectually sprayed some heady air freshener around half-heartedly, somehow it makes it WORSE. The terrible futility hangs heavy in the air.

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