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The 11 Worst People You Meet At An Irish Wedding

Wedding season is in full swing, and you’ve definitely encountered at least one of these people.

1. The bridesmaid who is literally on her last nerve so don’t you actually dare

She was stuffing flip flops into little drawstring bags until 2am. Just don’t.

2. The family member who looks like they’d rather die than read that Prayer of the Faithful

giphy Source: Giphy

Look, same. But pull it together man!

3. The ‘kindly aunt’ who asks when you intend to get married

56a05aff47779e2990e32a84678e9fd8 Source: Pinterest

Oh, y’know, I’ve actually pledged myself to the Dark Lord. We will wed when he finally rises and the earth is purged of all who are not loyal to him. Yourself?

4. The child who will not allow themselves to be overshadowed

ineedapoo Source: YouTube

He needs to go to the TOILET. The couple is declaring their love for each other on the altar but little Odhran needs to do his poo RIGHT NOW.

4. The woman with the HEEEUUUGE fascinator. Like massive

Guess what? You’re sitting right behind her for the Mass bit. Guess what else? There’s a feather hanging off it that threatens to hit you in the face every time she moves.

8. The groomsman who didn’t know the one that was one too many

tumblr_na9mc45ugy1threnmo1_500 Source: Tumblr

He’s telling you a story. You thought you had the gist, but now he’s crying, so you just nod along.

9. And the one with a speech that just keeps going and going

*feebly pushes the glass of fivers to the next person at the table*

10. The lads who try to scoop you into their ‘dancing’ circle

You’re under a sweaty oxter until the end of You Shook Me All Night Long and there is nothing you can do about it.

11. And the cousin who keeps pushing Jagerbombs into your paws

Oh, you don’t hate them now. But you will. You will.

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