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# lose the wait
8 of the worst little waits in life
Oh would you ever HURRY UP!


A virtue not many of us have, evidently.

The kettle to boil

Years pass. The kettle has still not boiled.

Flickr / Upupa4me Flickr / Upupa4me / Upupa4me

Traffic lights to change

You age one hundred years. The light has still not turned green.

Flickr / Horia Varlan Flickr / Horia Varlan / Horia Varlan

The lift to arrive

The button was pressed in the land before time. The lift still hasn’t opened.

Flickr / moonhouse Flickr / moonhouse / moonhouse

Toast to pop

Dinosaurs roamed the earth when you put the bread in the toaster. Your toast still hasn’t popped.

Flickr / Martin Cathrae Flickr / Martin Cathrae / Martin Cathrae

The takeaway

You ordered your pizza at around the same time the Romans invaded England. It still hasn’t arrived.

Flickr / dbaron Flickr / dbaron / dbaron

An ad break during your favourite programme

Flowers bloom and wither. The ads are still on.

Flickr / craig1black Flickr / craig1black / craig1black

Someone you fancy to text back

You can feel your hair greying. That guy/girl you met in the gym last week still hasn’t texted you back.


The last known payday was actually long before the history of recorded time.

Flickr / MattHampson Flickr / MattHampson / MattHampson

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