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Statue removed from university after students persist in 'doing a Miley' on it
We’re not even talking about twerking here.

UNTIL RECENTLY, GRAND Valley State University in Michigan was home to a statue of a large, swinging, wrecking ball.

Imagine the delight of the students when, after seeing Miley Cyrus’ latest video they realised they could recreate it for themselves.

So that’s what they did.  They took off their clothes and swung on it.

wrekcing Screengrab / WZZM13 Screengrab / WZZM13 / WZZM13

He’s the image of her, right?


The thing is, the college wasn’t happy about it and deemed it a risk both to students and the piece of art and so it was removed from the campus.

The students aren’t pleased with this turn of events, oh no, not one little bit.  So, they did what any group of busy academics would do.  They staged a protest.

According to college authorities, the intent is to reinstall the piece at some point in the future.

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