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You know you're getting old when...

Can you hear this? WOULD YOU LIKE US TO TURN IT UP?

You need to move the menu/newspaper in and out in order to see it better

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And those “reading glasses” in the pharmacy start to seem like a viable option

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You still say “all one word” when you’re telling someone your email address

You find yourself thinking “that’s not music, that’s noise”

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You also find yourself thinking “is that a boy or a girl”

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You get annoyed by things the local kids get up to – kicking a football against a wall, shouting rambunctiously etc

You tell people to “BE CAREFUL” when waiting to cross a road, because you’re convinced they’re going to die

You constantly grab onto the Oh Jesus Handles when you’re the passenger in a car, fearful of every turn

You will definitely wash that Tupperware container out instead of throwing it away, even though it’s full of mould

You’re no longer too embarrassed to complain in a restaurant/shop

You increasingly sacrifice style for comfort

You get a bit panicked when people start jumping or pushing a bit at a gig

You tut at queue skippers, and let them know you’re not happy with them

Irish men are a bunch of dopes,. according to ‘research’>

Dancing taxi driver gets an Ah Heeyor! remix>

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