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You know you've hit your 30s when...

…you’re experiencing all of these things.

GETTING OLDER IS fine really, especially when you’re in your twenties.

You’re still really young and you know youve got years before you have to be a grown-up.

Then you hit your 30s and realise it’s time.  Or even worse, that somehow you’ve become one without realising.

You know you’re 30 when…

You’ve been known to turn down a free drink

Flickr/The Vault DFW

You often choose what to make for dinner based on there being leftovers to have for lunch the next day


You’re worried about your hangover while you’re experiencing your night out

You tell your friends proudly that the clothing item you’ve bought is ‘really good quality’

Image via Flickr/bokeh burger

You have on at least one occasion chosen an outfit entirely based on function

The pockets are so useful! Flickr/May Lee213

You have had genuine and lengthy discussions about things like teapots and wineglasses


You’ve taken up running, or are considering taking up running

You’re constantly shocked by how long ago some of your favourite pop songs were released



Most of your holidays are taken up by going to weddings

Most of them don’t have dinosaurs. Quinn Miller Photo

You’ve complained that the music in the pub/party/restaurant is too loud

You’re delighted when a friend tells you they’re pregnant because you no longer have to worry about how their ma will react


You own at least one pair of ‘sensible’ shoes


You occasionally walk into a pub or bar and think ‘I’m too old for this place’

You have ‘good’ plates/cutlery/glasses


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