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You're selling what? 8 of the strangest items of celebrity merchandise

Grills, wine and… coffins. The weird and wonderful merchandise that celebs just love to sell.

WE ALL KNOW that Kelis’s milkshake can bring the boys to the yard – but what about her cooking sauces?

No, that’s not a euphemism. The American singer and songwriter is said to be launching her own range of sauces soon, inspired by her time training as a cordon-bleu chef.

But Kelis is not the only celeb to bring out some unexpected merchandise.  From energy drinks to coffins, we look at some of the strangest items they have put their name on.

KISS Kasket

The band KISS have many seriously dedicated fans – and some are so die-hard (geddit?) that they even want to be buried in a coffin emblazoned with their favourite musicians’ faces. Gene Simmons launched the casket in 2001 at a licensing festival, but we’re not sure if demand was high, or if the idea lived very long (sorry).

(Richard Drew/AP/Press Association Images)

Ace of Grapes

Trust Lemmy from Motorhead to do things his own way. One staffer swears that they won’t quaff anything but this Motorhead Shiraz, but we suspect they may be bluffing. Still, who wouldn’t be tempted by the promised notes of vanilla, liquorice, plums, eucalyptus and blackberries? One caveat: Lemmy himself advises to “approach with caution – anything can happen” when you drink it. Did you hear that? Anything.


Danny Devito’s Limoncello

Hollywood actor Danny Devito likes a drink or two, and one occasion enjoyed a few too many bevvies before doing an interview.  That interview soon became an infamous ‘Did I really see that?’ moment and inspired Devito – who had spent the previous night drinking limoncello with a friend – to launch his own range. Far from his days as a kid running a lemonade stand…

(harbrew imports/Youtube)

George Foreman Grill

It might not seem weird now, seeing as lots of homes have one on a countertop or languishing behind a pile of decorative plates in a kitchen cupboard, but when the George Foreman Grill was first advertised, it was a bit strange. Why? Well, Foreman was an Olympic medal-winning, retired professional American boxer… so why was he advertising a “lean, mean, fat-reducing machine”? If this campaign is proof of anything, it’s that once you promise to take the fat out of chicken breasts, you’re onto a winner. Isn’t that right, George?


Steven Seagal’s Lightning Bolt

If there’s one man who doesn’t look like he needs energy drinks, it’s Steven Seagal. His sense of self-possession and calm, combined with kick-ass ninja moves, mean that he’s generally quite zen. But if you’re in the mood for a boost, you could always reach for his sugar-free Lightning Bolt energy drink. He describes it as a drink that brings together his years of experience and remarkable ingredients… We’re sure this isn’t a way of getting fans to part with their cash. Oh no.


Bill Wyman’s Metal Detector

Rock and roll… it’s all about throwing TVs out of hotel room windows, hanging out with groupies, and finding coins with your metal detector, eh? Well it is if you’re Billy Wyman, who loves metal detecting so much he went and launched his very own detector. Though the website is a bit rusty, you can buy the detector for STG£120, plus shipping. Perfect for those moments when you want to impersonate a member of one of the world’s most influential rock bands, but can’t find your guitar. Beep beep!

(Owen Humphreys/PA Archive/Press Association Images)

Kanye West’s Travel Agency

Not content with writing great songs, being cool, wearing big sunglasses, performing with Jay-Z, talking about how great he is, and releasing a range of trainers, Kanye West decided to open a travel agency in 2008. Perhaps somewhat unsurprisingly, the site is no longer online, proving that some men just can’t have it all. Pity, that.

(Andrew Burton/AP/Press Association Images)

JLS Condoms

Forget about travel agencies – maybe popstars should stick with items of a rather different nature. Boyband JLS came in for some flack from parents of young children after they launched their own condom range in partnership with Durex. But at least they can be applauded for being upfront and encouraging fans to think about safe sex.


What’s the strangest bit of celeb merchandise you’ve ever bought or been given? Tell us in the comments, or better yet – if you have a photo, email it to us at

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