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All the essential life lessons brought to you by Zack Morris
He knows where it’s at.

FOR THOSE OF us dragged up in the ’80s and ’90s, Zack Morris was an utter inspiration.

He was cool, he got the girl (and not just any girl, the enviable Kelly Kapowski) and was so on top of everything that he actually regularly stopped time. He was a bad-ass. Here are the invaluable life lessons he taught us.

1. It pays to get your hands dirty

2. A little twinkle in your eye goes a long way

3. Image is everything

So look the part.

4. Let your freak flag fly

5. Dance moves work magic on the opposite sex

6. Dream big

Aspirations are essential.

7. Keep your jumper game fresh

Real fresh.

8. Always have keep a loyal sidekick around

Especially if he makes you look cool.

9. Smokers are jokers

Keep your hair high, not your mind.

9. Reject authority

10. A little friendly competition never hurt anyone

Except if AC Slater wrestled you, that is.

11. Friends are forever

Here are the Bayside lads reunited. Zack lost his blonde helmet hair, but not his charm.

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