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10 binge-worthy TV series to stream this Christmas season
Here are some new and older series to get stuck into.
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Sofa Watch: Daniel and Majella back on the Late Late, Graham Norton chats to Steve Carell
The best clips from the US late-night shows, and the low-down on the Late Late and Graham lineups.
# Netflix Binge
Pick a Netflix show you loved, and we'll give you a new one to binge over Easter
Netflix Binge + Chocolate Binge = Perfect Easter
# watch tab
Mark Zuckerberg wants people to watch tv on Facebook
Live sports, reality TV and comedy shows will all be available with the new Facebook feature.
# still to come
Here are the books, films and TV shows to watch out for in 2017
Get ready for a year of binge-watching and reading.
# On the box
10 TV shows you need to be watching in 2016
We don’t think you’re ready for this telly…
# Best of 2015
What were your favourite TV shows and films of the year? Here are our picks
Tell us your choices in the comments.
# i want a bra
How Well Do You Remember Lizzie McGuire?
If you belieeeeeve, we got a picture perfect plan…
# telly
13 TV shows you’re definitely going to want to watch this autumn
On RTÉ, Netflix and beyond.
# telly
13 TV shows you're definitely going to want to watch this autumn
On RTÉ, Netflix and beyond.
# bit on the side
22 TV shows to cheat on your partner with
They’ll never know.
How Well Do You Remember Kids TV From the 90s?
90s kid? Step right in.
# Recap
Everything you need to know about Twin Peaks... in just a few minutes
Don’t let yourself be hurt this time…
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8 fantastic 90s game shows we wish still existed
The 90s was when the game show truly reached its creative peak. Don’t believe us? Check these out.
# tv picks
What to watch on TV tonight: Tuesday
Here are the shows that will be on your Twitter timeline later.
# tv picks
What to watch on TV tonight: Tuesday
Here are the shows that will be on your Twitter timeline later.
# Game of Moans
Here's how to cope if you are utterly adrift without your Game of Thrones fix
There’s no new episode tonight. THERE’S NO NEW EPISODE TONIGHT.
# easy listening
Facebook adds audio-recognition to its app to help identify songs and TV shows
The feature will be made available to US users initially, but when activated, it will recognise what song, TV show or film is on in the background.
# married at first sight
Channel 4 to launch new show where complete strangers get married
The channel calls it a “social experiment” to see if science can produce true love.
# Game of Moans
Are people finally fed up with all the deaths in Games of Thrones?
Twitter would indicate that they are. (No spoilers!)
# Marathon Man
Here's how long it will take you to marathon your favourite TV shows
Hint: A long time.
# Time gentlemen please
Do you want to know how much time you've spent watching TV?
This new website will tell you. You mightn’t like it though.
# time out
All the essential life lessons brought to you by Zack Morris
He knows where it’s at.
# one more tune
7 songs that will always remind you of that TV moment
They were just made for each other.
# murder she don't
The Murder, She Wrote reboot has been axed
Are we relieved? Sort of. Well, yes. Absolutely.
# eye on springfield
A Definitive Ranking of the Best Minor Characters from The Simpsons
Is your favourite in the Top 15?
# purrrfect advice
The essential life lessons we all learnt from Salem Saberhagen
Not only did Salem teach Sabrina a thing or two, he also gave us the perfect life manual.
# Friends Forever
Why we all need a Turk and JD bromance in our lives
# to whom it concerns
Who was the best Late Late Show host?
It’s a three-way face-off between Kenny, Byrne and Tubridy.
The TV show finales we want to do over
If we were the writers, these programmes would have ended a LOT differently.
# tv land
Check out the floor plans of your favourite TV homes
From Monica and Rachel’s apartment to Frasier’s Seattle home.
# bring it back
Open thread: What TV shows would you like back for one more season?
We need closure.
# Alcohol
Students focus on side of drink culture 'neglected by reality TV' says its competition looks at the aspects of home drinking which are glossed over on shows like the Geordie Shore and Tallafornia.
# TV
The most watched programmes in Ireland last year
Irish television audiences like the good old stuff, it seems – with the Late Late Toy Show and the Eurovision Song Contest the most-watched programmes of last year.