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Dublin: 9 °C Tuesday 24 April, 2018

Chats - Tuesday 27 March, 2018

Dear Fifi: What's the f**king point?

Dear Fifi is’s resident advice columnist. Every Tuesday, she tries to help with one of your problems.

Can You Name All Of These Popular Artists From 2017?

This will probably make you feel very old.

Chats - Monday 26 March, 2018

8 reasons teenage girls spent all their pocket money on magazines in the 90s

‘Is that a free lip gloss?’

Here's what this year's Irish festival lineups would look like without men

One festival managed to make a big improvement on last year’s lineup.

12 reasons you were absolutely obsessed with Stand By Me as a kid

You thought you were Chris, but you weren’t.

Chats - Sunday 25 March, 2018

Would you - or have you - set up a 'fake' Instagram account? Finstagram This post contains a poll

18 pairs of Boohoo trousers that need immediate discussion

They seem very insistent to sell trousers that are both slinky and wide leg.

Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard: Is it worth a listen?

The podcast launched in February.

Chats - Saturday 24 March, 2018

How well do you remember Clueless?

‘She’s a full-on Monet’.

7 things you can relate to if you played The Sims obsessively as a child

It was a vital part of our childhood.

Here's everything you could possibly want to know about what happens when you go on First Dates Ireland

Four daters from the show told us all about their experiences.

Chats - Friday 23 March, 2018

Anthony Scaramucci on The Ray D'Arcy Show isn't public service broadcasting, it's scraping the bottom of the barrel

Scaramucci is the third Trump-adjacent figure to appear on RTE in recent months.

Will Young said that his label made him re-record the song 'Leave Right Now' because it sounded 'too gay'

“It’s really shaming. People don’t understand the power of language.”

17 things that will will only make sense if you're a total liability in the kitchen

You’ve burnt water, haven’t you?

Chats - Thursday 22 March, 2018

Which Salt & Vinegar Crisp Are You?

We all want to be Banshee Bones.

There's a very interesting feminist detail on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding invitations Royal Wedding This post contains a poll

Here's why this Maryland politician's decision to breastfeed in her campaign video is so important

TDs and councillors not getting maternity leave in Ireland is a huge problem.

10 simple reasons why so many of us absolutely despise online shopping

We need instant gratification.

Chats - Wednesday 21 March, 2018

7 things that will only make sense if you're a devoted Airbnb user

Bonus points if they leave beer for you.

Chats - Tuesday 20 March, 2018

Dear Fifi: How do I become more confident talking to the opposite sex?

A post Bank Holiday Tuesday – truly the most Tuesday kind of Tuesday there is.

Does Netflix really glamourise smoking? Smoke Screen This post contains a poll

Does Netflix really glamourise smoking?

A recent study shows a worrying trend of increased tobacco use in streaming shows popular with young adults.

Just 8 bands that are still on 'indefinite hiatus'

From *NSYNC to One Direction, the pursuit of ‘solo endeavours’ has broken many of our hearts.

Chats - Monday 19 March, 2018

An ode to All Saints' Pure Shores

The 2000 smash hit from All Saints is still a bop and a half.

Chats - Sunday 18 March, 2018

10 surprising films that fail the feminist Bechdel test

Where are the women?

Chats - Saturday 17 March, 2018

9 of the stranger things millennials have been accused of murdering

If it doesn’t have avocados in it, we’re not interested.

Chats - Friday 16 March, 2018

Twitter users were astounded to learn that you can use any card in a hotel's electricity slot Poll This post contains a poll

Ellen DeGeneres admitted that her feelings were hurt by Elton John's reaction to her coming out in 1997

Elton reportedly said “Shut up already. We know you are gay.”

Chats - Thursday 15 March, 2018

Vogue had no business asking Kendall Jenner to address rumours she's gay

Newsflash: woman comes out as straight.

Here's why Claire Foy being paid less than Matt Smith for The Crown is a bad joke

Equal pay for equal work should not be this hard.

Katy Perry gave a teenage American Idol contestant his first kiss and it was pretty inappropriate

The young man has since spoken out about how it made him feel uncomfortable.

Ellen DeGeneres, Kendall Jenner and heaps of other celebs are tweeting their support for #NationalWalkoutDay

Thousands of students in the U.S. walked out of school in protest of the country’s gun laws.

Chats - Wednesday 14 March, 2018

9 ways you passed the time if you were a teenager at the dawn of the millennium

You either sat on a wall or watched Jackass.

Poll: Would you ever consider applying for First Dates? Firstdatesirl This post contains a poll

Poll: Would you ever consider applying for First Dates?

This week one of our old favourites returned for a second chance on First Dates.