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Dublin: 5 °C Monday 27 March, 2017

#win of the day

# win-of-the-day - Yesterday’s News

An examination of the curious memes created by Johnny, the HSE's Think Contraception mascot

“Who needs #saltbae when you have #condombae?” Who indeed.

# win-of-the-day - Saturday 25 March, 2017

7 strangely relaxing Instagram accounts that will soothe your tired brain

We can’t explain why it works. We just know it does.

Arnold Schwarzenegger completely shut down a fan who slagged the Special Olympics

“Right now, I guarantee you that these athletes have more of every positive human quality than you.”

# win-of-the-day - Friday 24 March, 2017

22 times North West Kardashian dressed better than me

The world’s most glam tot.

Carol's story of coming out after #marref was the loveliest moment on First Dates lreland

“For the first time I realised it’s OK to be gay in Ireland. People are behind you.”

# win-of-the-day - Thursday 23 March, 2017

# win-of-the-day - Wednesday 22 March, 2017

You can now get these glorious Buckfast Easter Eggs in Ireland

Because nothing says ‘Easter’ like it.

# win-of-the-day - Tuesday 21 March, 2017

# win-of-the-day - Monday 20 March, 2017

A complete rundown of the weird ways celebrities wished us a happy St Patrick's Day

# win-of-the-day - Sunday 19 March, 2017

# win-of-the-day - Saturday 18 March, 2017

# win-of-the-day - Friday 17 March, 2017

Someone set up a Facebook event for a session in the Dáil because all the politicians are away

“With Enda off to the Schtates to hang with Donny, Dail’s free for a Paddy’s weekend sesh.”

# win-of-the-day - Thursday 16 March, 2017

10 class Irish movies to watch on Netflix this Paddy's Day weekend

For those not on the session.

Spotify has created a Throwback Thursday playlist for Paddy's Day and it's full of Irish bangers

Finally, the world can hear some proper old school Irish cheese this week.

# win-of-the-day - Wednesday 15 March, 2017

# win-of-the-day - Tuesday 14 March, 2017

'She was in a hippity-hoppity mood': The dad from THAT BBC interview explains the whole thing

“I made a minor mistake that turned by family into YouTube stars,” said Robert E Kelly.

This Snapchat story sums up every Irish gal's Whatsapp group after a night out

“Girls have any of yous heard from Chanto.”

Joe Biden's daughter has revealed her dad's favourite ever Obama/Biden meme

We’re just glad he’s seen them.

The groom organised the wedding in IKEA Dublin on Don't Tell The Bride last night

“I’m standing in IKEA in a wedding dress.”

# win-of-the-day - Monday 13 March, 2017

# win-of-the-day - Sunday 12 March, 2017

# win-of-the-day - Friday 10 March, 2017

This man's very serious BBC interview was interrupted by his kids barging into the room

The kids don’t give a TOSS about politics in South Korea.

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