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12 times Niall Horan was just SO Mullingar

You’ve got to love him for it.

NIALL HORAN MAY be a millionaire popstar, but he’s living proof that even though you can take the boy out of Mullingar, you can’t take Mullingar out of the boy.

1. His Instagram bio

niallhoran2 Instagram / niallhoran Instagram / niallhoran / niallhoran

I do like stuff a good bit and doin activities with Deo @deodevine

You’d honestly think he was some random lad (albeit a random lad with 19m followers) until you scrolled down and saw pictures of him with like, Rory McIlroy.

2. The time he introduced the wider world to the concept of 12 Pubs

Back in 2015, he explained the tradition to E! News:

At home, we do this thing called 12 Pubs of Christmas. You’ve got five minutes to finish a pint and you’re done.

Fans were fascinated.

3. And went for Christmas Eve pints with the other Mullingar Niall, Bressie

Did he tip on down to Midnight Mass after, slightly locked? Surely he did.

4. When he revealed that the guards now give him lifts home after nights out and was only MORTIFIED

The Graham Norton Show / YouTube

Walking home after a night out in Mullingar just doesn’t happen anymore, as hard as he tries.

I’ll start walking home if there are no taxis, and the police would drive past me and pick me up and bring me home. I remember when they used to do that for a different reason.

5. And talked about backpacking on €20 a day

He told Chris Evans on BBC Radio 2 that he went around Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia for six weeks, but wasn’t concerned about staying in fancy hotels.

We did it on a budget and it was brilliant. You’d be surprised what 20 quid a night gets you over in Asia.

6. That time he introduced all his mates to his rumoured squeeze, Selena Gomez

selena gomez Facebook / Selena Gomez Facebook / Selena Gomez / Selena Gomez

He was performing on the X Factor and Selena came to visit… along with a gang of lads from back home. This picture revealing Selena’s “serious thing for Mullingar guys” was posted on her Instagram account, and look at the heads on them. Can’t believe their luck.

Selena deleted the photo from Instagram shortly after it went up, leading people to believe one of the lads (we’re guessing @nickyc9) actually took her phone and posted it on her. LADS.

7. Every time he tweets about the football

He does it a lot.

8. When it was revealed he’s given to doing some sh*te jiving on nights out

There is not a man in Ireland who is immune to a bit of a jive after a few pints.

9. When he was very concerned about how he could watch Love/Hate on tour

10. This video


A passable impression of everyone’s granda there, Niall.

11. When he paid tribute to the fine fast food establishments of Mullingar in the video for his debut solo single

mullingar YouTube YouTube

Lingi’s and Roma, forever immortalised.

12. And this tweet

Bear in mind this was tweeted around a month into Niall’s star-making turn on the X Factor. And he still wanted to know how the girls did in their Junior Cert. He’s as good.

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