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11 food combinations we can't believe exist

We’re repelled but we can’t look away.

EARLIER IN THE week we got very excited about the arrival of Tayto’s Cheese and Onion crisp bar.

There were mixed responses in the office but we definitely had a think about other unusual food combinations and decided to do some digging.

If you thought Tayto chocolate bars were extreme we reckon this lot takes it to the next level.

1. Deep fried Mars bars

They are in chippers across the country and we just don’t get it lads, honestly.

Sandy Young/PA Archive/Press Association Images

2. Lavender flavoured Soda

Why can’t just enjoy our regular flavours? WHY?

ADollopofdaisy / Tumblr

3. Maple Bacon Doughnut

This is highly popular in the US but we are feeling a bit ill just looking at it:

Pag-Asaharibon / Tumblr

And if you enjoy you can even drink it as a shot. Seriously.

via BaconToday

4. Buffalo Chicken Cupcake

Even the most hardcore chicken wing enthusiast might find the idea of putting them on a cupcake a bit much:

via Cupcake Project

5. Garlic Ice-cream

You read that right

via JSchumacher / Typepad

6. Chicken and waffles crisps

At this point we’re never surprised by what unusual combo Walkers will pull for their latest stunt but these American crisps seem particularly dodgy:

Via Imgur

7. Pizza with duck on it

No. No. No. No. No. No. No.


@CrazyDoughs / Twitter

8. This slightly controversial Italian ice-cream flavour

Bottom right corner, you can't miss it:

via Imgur

9.  Guinness flavoured chocolate

We're not really behind this one lads, sorry:

DailyEdge.ie / Conor Behan

10. The world's weirdest berry

Why would you combine these two things?!? WHY?

viora-manor / Tumblr

11.  Potato Kit-kat

We really feel that when it comes to Kit-Kat you don't really mess with a classic even if it references a food we Irish people have a fondness for:

via FoodNetworkHumor

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