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This story of a 90-year-old Dublin grandad cooking a fry for his granddaughter has gone global on Reddit

The annual birthday fry.

ON FRIDAY, IT was Kildare woman Oriel Corway’s birthday – and every year her granddad Dessie cooks her a fry in the morning in his Dublin home to celebrate.

He was working away on it when she decided to snap a picture of this lovely annual tradition:

“My 90yr old Granda still insists on cooking me a birthday fry!”

fryup Source: Reddit

She decided to post it to Reddit that afternoon, and the site fell in love with Dessie and his fry – quickly making it to the front page three separate times and garnering close to 30,000 upvotes throughout the weekend.

Dessie was going global

frontpage Source: Reddit

With millions of people on the internet thinking he’s a legend, Oriel tells DailyEdge.ie that he’s even better in real life:

He goes out of his way to look after the six of us grand kids even though we are all in our twenties and thirties. He recently welcomed his first two great-grandchildren in to the family, so that really is special for all of us. I decided to post his photo to Reddit as I fully know how steeped with luck I am to still have him and also because I wanted to share how out of this world amazing he is with the world.

Dessie is only loving the internet fame, too – with hundreds of comments praising him for his old school style in the kitchen:

He is so shocked and doesn’t understand what thousands of people find so interesting about him, this is just his day-to-day life! But he really is heart warmed by the floods of kind comments and well wishes. He didn’t realise how dapper people think he is, especially when he’s cooking.

fryup2 Source: Reddit

Reddit users were also commenting about how healthy and active he looked, and Oriel was only delighted to confirm that real life matches the appearance:

He still drives, does the gardening, tends to his birds and even still does little nixers for people, as he was an electrician by trade. He actually fell through his greenhouse roof four years ago and got up without a scratch!

Telling him about how his story has become so popular on one of the biggest websites in the world last night has been great craic for the whole family:

“Myself and my cousin have just had a great time slagging him about his new found fame, asking him for his autograph and saying we may have to hire him security”

fryup3 Source: Reddit

Just a simple day-to-day moment in Dublin, shared with the world:

I have had quite a few mails and comments telling me how inspiring he is and that he brought a smile to an awful lot of people’s faces and that has made his heart swell.
He’s happy out here now beside me trying to figure out what they’re saying on Geordie Shore, with his nightly can of Guinness and packet of Tayto feeling the love from the comments of thousands of people.


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