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5 things non-Dubliners need to understand about coddle

Yes, the sausages are cooked.

SAUSAGES, RASHERS, potatoes, onions and carrots, all boiled in a pot with some stock – coddle is the ultimate Dublin dish.

But for those uninitiated in the ways of coddle, it may seem a little intimidating.

Here are five things that non-Dubliners need to accept about it.

1. It’s actually delicious

Coddle Source: Wikimedia

Coddle is the ultimate in comfort food – hearty, warming, full of the two most important parts of the food pyramid, carbs and bacon.

2. Yes, the sausages are cooked

Coddle has often been compared to a plateful of a certain part of the male anatomy.

So the sausages are still pink, and the stock is a weird colour? SO WHAT. It’s more than edible.

3. It tastes like home

There is nothing like your mam’s coddle. It is to be cherished.

4. You have to try it at least once

Coddle_and_Irish_Soda_bread Source: Wikimedia

You can buy coddle packs at certain butchers, and even brown the sausages before throwing them into the pot if you’re picky about that sort of thing. No excuse.

5. The culinary set is finally catching on

You may look down on it, but fancy restaurants and arty cafés are now serving coddle as a desirable meal.

Coddle for all!

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