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Sherlock's Moriarty gets a Flahavan's tracksuit on The Late Late Show

Andrew Scott was the little boy in the Flahavan’s ad!


ANDREW SCOTT, AKA Jim Moriarty from the hugely successful BBC series Sherlock has shocked the nation by dissing Flahavan’s porridge live on TV.

The actor appeared on The Late Late Show last night and it was revealed that he was the child in the Flahavan’s ad in the eighties.

You know, the one with the tracksuits:


Source: Flahavans Porridge

Scott couldn’t believe the Late Late researchers managed to dig out the footage, and revealed that he remembered thinking that the porridge was “disgusting” and that he still doesn’t like it.

Sacrilege! Hand back your tracksuit!

And to make matters worse, Ryan Tubridy then revealed that Mr Flahavan was IN THE AUDIENCE!


He was very gracious about Scott’s comments though, and even gave him the actual tracksuit he wore in the ad:



Source: RTÉ - Ireland's National Television and Radio Broadcaster

Flahavans were also sound about it on Twitter:


Scott also discussed that moment in Season 3 where he and co-star Benedict Cumberbatch almost lobbed the gobs on each other:

sherlock-moriarty-kiss-empty-hearse-bbc Source: Zap2it

He said that fans from around the world have now begun sending him some pretty racey mock ups of the pair getting it on.

moriarty and sherlock by maryriotjane-d5543dg Source: deviantART

Scott said that he always felt that he “had a villain in me” and that it felt natural to play the character with an Irish accent.

You can catch the whole interview at around the 40 minute mark on the RTÉ Player, or watch this (slightly dodgy) video:

Source: Holmes Archives

Ps, (SPOILER ALERT) has there ever been a more appropriate intro song?

stayin1 Source: Tumblr

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