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# never go out of style
15 truly iconic Irish fashion moments
Pretty sure when Yves Saint Laurent said “Fashion fades. Style is eternal.” he was talking about this lot.
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What Percent Anne Doyle Are You?
We can tell you.
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14 Irish celebrities RTÉ needs to consider for Dancing With The Stars
Your mileage for ‘celebrity’ may vary.
# good news
Anne Doyle made her triumphant return to reading news on the Ray D'Arcy Show
Viewers were delighted to see the presenter back on TV.
# doyler
Anne Doyle made her triumphant return to reading news on the Ray D'Arcy Show
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9 reasons why Anne Doyle is the ultimate Irish style icon
Slaying since 1952.
7 Irish celebrities we dearly want to be pals with
They look like great craic. And so are we! We swear.
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Amazingly nostalgic RTÉ news intros throughout the years
Vere Wynne Jones, Don Cockburn, the whole gang.
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Charlie Brooker's off again... and 4 other weekend TV highlights
Whether you’re headed out or staying in, we’ve got the telly for you.
# doyler
5 things we learned from this rare interview with Anne Doyle
Doyler’s back, back for good.
# doyler's back
Watch Anne Doyle take on her new gig as a quiz show presenter
We’ve got an exclusive sneak peek of the RTÉ show Division.
# I'm anne doyle?
The new Anchorman 2 trailer features our own Anne Doyle!
That’s called clever, clever marketing.
# Anne Doyle
What does it mean to be Irish?
Finally, in song form. Set to the tune of We Didn’t Start the Fire.
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9 pictures of Anne Doyle and other people having fun while you were in work today
What happens in Punchestown…eh… is reported on sports news websites.
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What your favourite celebrities would be like as Facebook friends
What would Beyoncé post? What about George Hook?
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7 RTÉ newsreaders we've known and loved
Vere Wynne Jones, Don Cockburn, and more…
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5 Irish icons we'd like back in our lives, please
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21 reasons to be happy here in Ireland
It’s been a tough week, but we’re still happy. Here’s why.
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The Dredge: Johnny Depp is in lurrve again
And she’s a young ‘un. The very best of the morning’s celebrity dirt.
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18 strange things Google users search for about famous Irish people
People think Enda Kenny is WHAT? Take a look at some of Google’s suggestions for what people search for when they look up famous Irish people…
# Review 2011
In pictures:’s winners and losers of 2011
Who came out on top, and who was bringing up the rear? Here are our picks for the winners and losers of the year.
# Your Say
Poll: Do you watch the evening news on television?
Today we’re asking: do you regularly tune in to the nightly news on TV?
# Goodbye
"For me, it's been a pleasure": Anne Doyle reads RTE news for the final time
Taoiseach Enda Kenny, RTE colleagues and members of the public paid tribute to the legendary newsreader in an unexpected moment at the end of Anne Doyle’s final broadcast tonight.
# Retiring
Goodbye: Anne Doyle's last news bulletin to be on Christmas Day
The veteran and much-loved broadcaster is taking early retirement and will appear on our screens for the last time later this month.
# An Post
Anne Doyle confirms retirement plans - as she's honoured with a stamp
The much-loved RTÉ newsreader will bow out at Christmas – as she features on a 55c stamp to mark RTE TV’s 50th anniversary.
# Anne Doyle
7 reasons why we adore Anne Doyle
RTÉ could not confirm if Anne Doyle has applied to take early retirement but we thought we’d take a look at why, as a nation, we adore the newsreader anyway.