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# Air Rage
9 intensely irritating rules you're forced to follow when travelling by plane
What used to be exciting and glamorous is now… well… not.

WHEN TRAVELLING BY plane, there is no question that being told to turn off your electronic devices for take-off and landing is an irritant.

It seems like such a silly rule, and it would see that the Federal Aviation Authority in the US agree!

They have ruled that passengers should be allowed to use electronic equipment during take-off and landing.  Hopefully it is an indicator of things to come, and soon we’ll be Candy Crushing/Kindling/working away to distract ourselves from any take-off anxiety.

Alas, that is not the only irritating rule we’re forced to travel when flying by plane.  Here are eight others.

The liquids rule

liquids-on-a-plane nfaile nfaile

Not being able to carry-on liquids above 100ml is frustrating in itself, but having to have them in a little see-through bag separate from your case as you go through security is a right pain.

Not to mention the fact that it makes carrying shampoo, conditioner, sun cream and the like almost impossible.

Having to pay for the plastic bags

Plastic Bag Dispenser dotandimet dotandimet

Not only are you forced to carry your liquids through in a plastic bag, frequently you are forced to pay for said plastic bag.

Why is the bag even necessary?

Weight limits


Alright, obviously there needs to be weight limits for luggage on planes, but what is the point in having a weight limit for a case and then advising passengers to remove things from their case and carry them in another way instead?

The stuff is still going on the plane, therefore the overall weight is the same.

Size limits

95-365 year2 Yes You Can Get A Quart Into A Pint Pot johngarghan johngarghan

Even after your case has been deemed the appropriate weight, you are forced to suffer the indignity of ramming it into the metal measuring receptacle and then the frequently more challenging task of yanking it out.

Having to take off all your jewelry, shoes, jacket etc.

Airport Security Logic 25kim 25kim

…and then put it all back on again after you get through security.

Having to be there really early


When your flight is 45 minutes long, but your journey takes three hours, you have to ask yourself about whether it’s an efficient use of time.

Gates closing long before take-off


Of course, there are reasons for this, but anyone who has every stood at a gate looking at the plane they’re meant to be on sitting on the other side of the window while being told they’re too late will understand the pain of this rule.

Having to put your purchases into your case

Duty Free nechbi nechbi

This doesn’t go for all airlines, but the ones who force you to put any purchases you make in the airport into your carry-on case deserve a world of pain.

Have we missed anything? What are the rules you find most irritating when travelling?

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