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# Glorious
A 25-foot statue of Jeff Goldblum has been erected in London
It’s to celebrate 25 years since ‘Jurassic Park’ was released in UK cinemas.
# Summer Reads
Tell Us Your Star Sign And We'll Give You a Book To Read On Your Holidays
We all need a little help sometimes.
# I Put on my perfume
Britney Spears is releasing a gender neutral fragrance called 'Prerogative'
It’s her 24th perfume and is described as ‘a perfume for all’.
# sit down
Former Love Islander Camilla Thurlow is absolutely done with people making harsh assumptions about the contestants
She tweeted ‘it’s a really dangerous notion that we have the right to tell people that there is a correct way to aspire to live their lives’.
# Gone to the dogs
Travis Scott couldn't name all of Kylie Jenner's dogs in 'The Kylie Quiz'
He does know what her favourite flavour of ice cream is.
# bebo stunnah
Which Bebo Sticker Are You?
Remember to live it up and drink it down guys.
# Lose yourself
So Eminem proved he didn't know how to take a decent selfie last night
Turns out the ‘self’ bit is really important.
# Got your back
Kim Kardashian is convinced that Kylie Jenner is a 'self-made' billionaire
She says their parents never gave them anything except ‘advice’.
# bless
Poor oul Danny Dyer has been crying every night watching Dani in Love Island
He really, really misses her.
# Meghan Ni Markle
Here's everything you need to know about Meghan Markle's Irish heritage
Turns out her great-great-great grandmother was from Belfast.
# Go on Go On Go On
7 things that will definitely happen to you when you go to visit your grandparents
They’re properly obsessed with death.
# Province Pride
Which Irish Province Are You?
Do you embody the Munster spirit or are we all just from Leinster?
# dogs of instagram
We need an Instagram account devoted to Michael D's dogs Bród and Síoda immediately
Bród and Síoda for President!
# Podcast Binge
Here's why 'The Gateway' should be your next podcast
Gizmodo’s latest offering gives an insight into Teal Swan, a controversial spiritual leader with over 53 million Youtube views.
# adulting
9 hurdles you have to overcome before you can call yourself an adult
Welcome to the real world kiddo.
# beauty bargains
Just 12 of the most interesting beauty products you can get in TK Maxx right now
You never know what you’ll find in there.
# No Excuses
'If you're blaming the #MeToo Movement for no longer being able to flirt, then the problem was with you in the first place'
Henry Cavill said he’s afraid to flirt with women anymore in case he’s labelled ‘a rapist’.
# Love the look
Just 11 celebrities who have been serving looks at Wimbledon
There are some very well dressed celebrities hanging around.
# adulting
An Irish illustrator has designed a very sweary colouring book for stressed out adults
‘Row, row, row your boat away the f*ck from me’
# what to watch
What to watch on TV tonight: Wednesday
This is the telly everyone will be talking about tomorrow.
# Bumbags Galore
TK Maxx have some lovely bumbags if you're stuck for Longitude
The banning of big bags from gigs means bumbags are back baby!
# who hurt you
Someone ordered a Guinness and Sprite mixed together and we are APPALLED
We want answers and we want them now.
# send help
An Irish person's guide to surviving the 'It's Coming Home' fever
The ridiculously catchy song has invaded every aspect of social media and our lives.
# Post Alone
Longitude released their stage times for this weekend and people aren't happy about the clashing
Khalid and J Cole clash as well as Post Malone and Versatile.
# Royal Visit
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have landed in Ireland
# Waka What
Rapper Waka Flocka Flame just tweeted that Louis Walsh is 'f**king pathetic'
# Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian is now campaigning to improve conditions in women's prisons in California
She’s appealed directly to the Governor of California.
# 2 Fast 2 Miggeldy
9 reasons why we should just re-elect Michael D Higgins immediately
The man is a national treasure.
# on brand
Irish people are sharing their defining childhood stories and they're gas
Some of us had notions even as children.
# It Might Come Home
The Gallagher brothers can't agree on whether or not football's coming home
In a stunning turn of events, their feud continues.
# simon pegg
Simon Pegg has opened up about his battle with alcoholism and depression
The actor felt that the movie ‘The World’s End’ was a way of telling people about his problems.
# BYe Bye Boris
Just 12 of the best reactions to Boris Johnson resigning
It’s been a wild day for British politics.
# miggeldy
Which Michael D. Higgins Is Your Boyfriend?
Is it Slane Miggeldy or BMX Miggeldy?
# Bargain
Are You More Like TK Maxx Or Penneys?
There’s definitely a difference between the two.
# Muggy Margot
Margot Robbie is a big fan of Love Island but doesn't think she looks like Megan
She’s been glued to it.
# Coming Holmes
Katie Holmes has been having a whale of a time touring around Ireland
She was spotted in Borris House in Carlow as well as Kilkenny Castle.
# Highlighting women
A simple ad campaign for highlighters is winning a lot of praise online
Stabilo says that behind every great man, there’s a great woman who has been forgotten or overlooked.
# Girls Aligned
Nicola Roberts says some of the reporting of Cheryl's and Liam's split has been misogynistic
According to Nicola Cheryl is ‘on the mend’.
# Phones Off
Irish actor Niall Sheehy was raging at audience members who watched England's penalty shootout in the middle of his play
The two women involved apparently started cheering when England scored.
# fed up
Gigi Hadid is absolutely DONE with accusations that she's in a fake relationship with Zayn
The account allows people to post confessions about why they think the relationship is fake.