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11 St Patrick's Day t-shirts that straight up make no sense
*bellows through bullhorn* NOTHING TO DO WITH US!

HERE WE GO again…

1. Thanks for the info, we guess

CdmlOXNWIAAv_Gu Twitter / @GrapeWineTours Twitter / @GrapeWineTours / @GrapeWineTours

2. We’re sure Niall Horan wouldn’t condone this

niall_censored Twitter / @AlyYoung Twitter / @AlyYoung / @AlyYoung

3. Nor would Mike Tyson be thrilled with this

Cc3tiXaUsAEvwKZ Twitter / teenmyxer Twitter / teenmyxer / teenmyxer

4. A prayer sanctioned by St Patrick himself

CcqdewpUsAAXlGm Twitter / @81BHRoyale18 Twitter / @81BHRoyale18 / @81BHRoyale18

Lord, Irish I may, Irish I might… Not have drunk that last drink that I drank last night!

We don’t know how well this would go down with the parish priest…

5. This is just blatantly untrue

BipgnnRCAAAmQeI Twitter / @ompowderblues Twitter / @ompowderblues / @ompowderblues

6. And this just feels like you’re shouting at us

7. Marilyn Monroe = Irish icon?

8. Sure isn’t Yoda half-leprechaun

9. OK, but why draw Dr Suess into this mess?

ohtheplaces Twitter / @TheresaRockFace Twitter / @TheresaRockFace / @TheresaRockFace

10. They mean the viral dance move where… you know the one when they… oh never mind

11. And there are just no words for this


This single t-shirt combines three wholly unrelated things – the ‘Damn, Daniel’ meme, Donald Trump, and St Patrick’s Day. Lots to unpack there.

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No part of your body is safe.

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