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10 tasty snacks you didn't know you could make in a mug

So easy, yet so tasty.

COOKING IN A mug, doesn’t make you a mug. This microwavable recipes couldn’t be simpler.

1. One-minute quiche

All you need is some torn bread, eggs, vegetables, butter and milk. Sorted.

DSC_0183 Source: Fullthymestudent

Method here.

2. French toast

So easy, even you can do it. It only takes two minutes to make, too.

IMG_7255 Source: Prettyprudent

Method here.

3. Nutella mug cake

Combining our two greatest loves, Nutella, and convenience.

IMG_8041 Source: livelovepasta

Method here.

4. Poached eggs

Sure, they won’t be cooked to perfection like a good poached egg should, but it sure beats the constant failure of trying to get it right.

yolk-porn Source: Breakfasttobed

Method here.

5. Banana Bread

Again, this takes mere minutes but it’s undeniably satisfying to a sweet tooth. A lazy sweet tooth.

mug banana bread Source: BlogSpot

Method here.

6. Chocolate chip cake

Just dollop a bit of ice cream on top and viola, the perfect single-serve desert.

cookie-cake-in-a-mug_thumb_3 Source: Chocolatecoveredkatie

Method here.

7. Brownie in a mug

It’s just the the previous, but with SO MUCH MORE CHOCOLATE.

picVzU4Bt Source: Food.com

Method here.

8. Blueberry mug muffin

So simple, so delicious, and takes about seven minutes to make.

Mug Muffin white Source: budgetbytes

Method here.

9. Cheesecake

Oh yes, it can be done. This takes a tad longer than the rest for cooling, but it’s still much easier than actually baking one.

fastcheesecake2 Source: Yourlighterside

Method here.

10. Huevos Rancheros

The perfect lazy brunch for when you just can’t be arsed.

Eats_HuevosRancherosEggWhites_AllWhitesEggWhites Source: allwhiteseggwhites

Method here, you don’t need those specific brands obviously.

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