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15 of the worst baking fails Easter has ever seen

Stop making bread bunnies.

IT’S EASTER AND we’re all failing as hard as ever.

1. This Easter bunny bread

I think it's supposed to be an Easter bunny Source: cookieshark_48

Well, this is just bad assembly.

2. These tragic bunny loaves

3. The poor egg chicks that just want to be eaten

4. Terrifying

Nailed it! ...Not. Source: meganwadding

5. Kill them

6. Did someone already take a bite of this poor chick?

hilarious-pinterest-fails-10 Source: Justsomething

7. Strawberry carrots were never going to end well now, were they?

bf9ec397e0757c1c0acccf911763d964 Source: Pinterest

8. GAH

photo+last Source: BlogSpot

9. Mary had a little.. GUGHUHH

gs5ww-lamb-cake Source: Sunnyskyz

10. The poor cake pops, someone eat them and put them out of their misery


11. This terrifying Easter breakfast


12. The old favourite

kill-me-funny-meme-pics-photos Source: Bajiroo

13. Evvvvil

14. This thing crawled from the depths of hell

670f6bc0-d95c-11e4-8a8e-1372a0eff27d_easter-fail-4 Source: Yimg

15. And finally, this mess

Happy Easter! #shortribwasted with @thisfnlife and @vincefree. We have extra dessert, don't worry! #bunnyflop #easterfail #easter #dessertfail #merenguemorelikemewrong Source: paleokitchens

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