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11 tweets that sum up Ireland's relationship with Ballymaloe relish

I got Ballymaloe in my bag, swag.

OF ALL THE sauces near and dear to Irish people’s hearts, there’s only one that evokes real, true passion.

That sauce is Ballymaloe Relish.

1. It renders those old Irish sayings nonsensical 

“Is maith an t-anlann an t-ocras” is just factually incorrect.

2. And has a firm hold on emigrants

3. No really

He’s not wrong.

4. It’s genuinely disappointing when there’s none in the fridge

Who wants a 3 toastie? Nobody. 10 toasties only.

5. It’s even been made into a pizza sauce

Haters will say it’s wrong.

6. And infiltrated the vernacular

Yes it would. The relish is so darn versatile! If they don’t get it, it’s their loss.

7. It’s kept people up at night

8. And is at its best when it’s united with another great from the Irish food canon

Breakfast rolls…


…And delicious potato waffles. C’mere to me.

10. Food is essentially just a container for relish

11. And ultimately, we feel all Beyoncé about it

Probably not as hip as hot sauce, but it’s how we roll.

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