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This guy's mates pranked him by turning his bedroom into a 'storage cupboard'

SO detailed. Genius!

WE DO ENJOY AN excellently executed prank, and this is up there with the best of them.

Redditor sal_marin arrived back home, jetlagged after days of travelling, and was “completely dumbfounded” when he pushed open the door of his bedroom to find…

fCBFh1R Source: Imgur

A storage room? But wait…

S5ATyMl Source: Imgur

Yes, while he was away, his housemates (who are all mechanics) set to work on an elaborate prank – building the cupboard with wood and drywall, gathering props, and, for that authentic touch, installing a light fitting.

The prankee had to cut a hole in the wall to enter his room again:

[I was] totally fazed. I was jetlagged as all get out. I stared at the slightly ajar door, absolutely stunned… My girlfriend had to push open the door to reveal the magic.

gJKk87Z Source: Imgur

They installed a LIGHT FITTING, you guys. This is next level. *applauds*

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