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8 pieces of proof that Dad jokes are the absolute best

Ah, c’mere, go ‘way, wait til I tell you.

THERE’S A SPECIAL type of humour in the world, and it’s the preserve of the Dad.

It’s silly, it’s annoying, it’s pun-heavy – and it’s absolutely the best.

So if you can identify with this:

Source: weknowmemes.com

Then you’ll know what we mean.

1. This text exchange

Source: Imgur

2. This phone call

Source: Imgur

3. This present

4. This meme

Source: Imgur

5. This cartoon

Source: lotoflaughters.com

6. This tumblr post

Source: i-am-bored.com

7. This photo

Source: piximus.net

8. And finally…

These jokes.

Go on, break out your best Dad joke in the comments. We know you all have them in you.

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