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14 delish pictures of black pudding that prove it’s the best part of a full Irish

Even better than white.

THE HUMBLE BLACK pudding has been named as 2016’s hottest new superfood this week - and is getting all sorts of international recognition because of it.

Apparently it has all the iron, calcium, protein and zinc you could ever need. But more importantly, the black pudding is the best part of a full Irish:

1. You need at least three on the plate


2. They’re versatile things

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3. By themselves they make a class sambo


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4. The breakfast ratio needs to be right

5. In keeping with their new superfood status, you can even have them healthy

6. Which presents interesting new black pudding possibilities

7. They can be the very basis of your fry and black pudding lovers will adore the view

8. It’s superior to its white brethren

Check, mate.

9. Slotting them into a full Irish sandwich is A+

10. Cherish the black pudding

11. Whether it’s a solo run

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12. Or thrown in with everything else

13. Even the dog has his eyes on the pud

14. Simple, effective, the best

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Delish <3

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