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Keith Duffy on Love/Hate: the best Twitter reaction

Love/Hate him for a reason.

Source: RTE

BOYZONE’S KEITH DUFFY turned up rather unexpectedly in last night’s episode of Love/Hate, playing a drug dealing gym owner who gets mixed up with Nidge’s crew.

His role was kept largely under wraps – and unfortunately for Keith the show’s many fans on Twitter were not best pleased when they saw his very familiar face on their screens.

Most felt Keith “took them out” of the gritty realism of the drama

keith duffy 1 Source: journal-dailyedge

keith duffy 2 Source: journal-dailyedge

keith duffy 8 Source: journal-dailyedge

keith duffy 5 Source: journal-dailyedge

Some felt he should have uttered his famous catchphrase

keith duffy 4 Source: journal-dailyedge

And some just admired his physique

keith duffy 6 Source: journal-dailyedge

This tweeter cleverly summed up the reaction

keith duffy 7 Source: journal-dailyedge

He got the thumbs-up from the Love/Hate Cat, though

keith duffy 3 Source: journal-dailyedge

Which is pretty much the only approval you need.

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